The Storey Gardens Pixies

In January 2023, the Friends of the Storey Gardens were contacted by Mike Forde from Lancaster Lore. He asked if anybody would like to create a myth about the The Gardens to add to his folklore project.

One of our members, Clive Cox, wrote a story about the Storey Gardens Pixies. After review and suggestions from some other members we submitted the story to Mike. It is now on the Lancaster Lore website. Click here to read the story.

An anonymous author has written another story set in the Storey Gardens. Click here to read that story.

Mike Forde has provided us with two small plaques with QR codes for accessing the stories online. We have fixed these plaques to two of the benches in The Tasting Garden. So if you visit the Storey Gardens with a smart phone you can sit on a bench reading one of the stories where the action took place (allegedly).

Below are some photos showing the locations of the two plaques. There are also some photos taken in the The Tasting Garden to accompany the Pixies story. Read the story first and then come back to understand the significance of these photos.