Photo Gallery Archive

Crocuses flowering February 2020 and February 2021

Planting 4,000 Yellow Crocus Bulbs – 4 October 2019

Heritage Open Day – 14 September 2019

Indian Bean Tree – August 2019

Re-opening the Storey Gardens – 24 March 2018

How the Lancashire Environmental Fund (LEF) grant was spent – 2017/2018

  • New yew hedges
  • Volunteers helping with the hedge planting: cutting measuring sticks
  • New handrail installed by specialist contractors, Mortimer Fabrications, as part of the Lancashire Environmental Fund project.

Images from the early years

  • The Tasting Garden in its early years: beginning to bed in.
  • One of the original Tasting Garden fruit sculpturess
  • The Arboriculturalist’s Shed in the early years of the Tasting Garden
  • Inside The Arboriculturalst’s Shed with all the original contents.
  • The Tasting Garden in the snow.

Other Images

  • One of the Tasting Garden fruit trees in blossom.
  • Scabious in the garden - July Open Day.
  • Copper Beech tree in the first garden.
  • Gateway through newly renovated walls leading from first garden into The Tasting Garden.