Latest website updates

24 June 2022

A new post added to the Gardening blog showing volunteers picking some of the cherries on the large tree at the top of The Tasting Garden. The post includes a video by Chris Wright of us in action. Chick on the image below to view the post.

Cherries ripening in The Tasting Garden. Photo by Chris Wright.

More images added to The Storey Gardens in Summer webpage.

17 June 2022

Chris Wright has produced a new video of the Copper Beech tree through the seasons with an accompanying poem he wrote himself. Click on the image below to view it.

19 April 2022. The leaves starting to show. Photo by Chris Wright.

There is now a The Storey Gardens in Summer webpage with photos from various people. This can be accessed via the Seasonal Changes webpage or click here.

A few more photos of removing the mound have been added to the Gardening work during April and May 2022 post in the Gardening blog.

Two sightings of a Specked Wood butterfly has been added as a new post to the new Gardening blog.

5 June 2022

The Gardening Update page has been renamed Seasonal Changes. Click here to visit the updated webpage.

Volunteer work in the gardens has been moved to a new Gardening blog. Click on the Gardening blog button to visit this blog.

27 May 2022

The website now has a page about the project to recreate The Tasting Garden. Click on the menu item Recreating The Tasting Garden to visit this webpage.

We have also created a blog which enables you to follow the progress of the project. Click on the Recreating the Garden blog button to visit this blog