Seasonal Changes

To follow what the volunteers have been doing in the Storey Gardens, go to our Gardening Blog by clicking on the button below.

To see some pictures of the Storey Gardens through the seasons click on the images below.


Photo by Chris Wright


The Tasting Garden in the morning sun. 4 January 2022. Photo by Chris Wright.


Daffodils bordering the path to The Tasting Garden. Photo by Ruth Standring-Cox.


Cherries ripening in The Tasting Garden. Photo by Chris Wright.

Copper Beach tree

One of the Friends, Chris Wright, has taken a set of photos of the Copper Beech tree through the seasons. Also, during April 2022, he took some close ups of the new leaves as they developed from buds in only a few days.  We’ve put them together into a slideshow. Click on the image below to see more.

26 April 2022. The leaves now clearly present on the branches. Photo by Chris Wright.