Recreating The Tasting Garden

The Friends of the Storey Gardens in partnership with Lancaster City Council have embarked on an ambitious project to recreate The Tasting Garden

The overall vision is about recreating The Tasting Garden rather than art for its own sake. It is about creating a beautiful community space for physical, mental & spiritual well-being. 

There are three key elements to this project.

  • Restoration of the Arboriculturalist’s Workshed (folly).
  • Replacement of the fruit sculptures on new plinths.
  • Relaying the paths to make them more resistant to the incursion of weeds and improving accessibility for those with disability.

The Friends of the Storey Gardens are seeking funding for elements of the project. 

The recreation of The Tasting Garden will remain faithful to the intention of the artist Mark Dion who created the garden in 1998 (click here for further information).  All work is being undertaken in consultation with Mark Dion and his UK representative Robert Williams, the artist who owns the designs for the fruit sculptures.

Restoration of the folly

This work was started by one of our volunteers in autumn 2021. There is a post on the blog showing the greenhouse section before and after repair and repainting.

Replacement of fruit sculptures and plinths

The fruit sculptures will be carved from Portland Stone by Alan Ward, the sculptor based in a workshop in Lancaster Castle. on new plinths in sandstone.

The plinths will be sandstone columns with a moulding disc (in two pieces) on top, a stainless-steel thread bar will be fitted, and the fruits will be secured to this with epoxy resin.  The name of the fruit will be carved into the plinth. The stems of the fruits will be made of a suitable material that will not expand when wet causing the sculptures to crack.

The existing concrete plinths which have been an eyesore in the garden for many years are currently being removed.

We have created a blog on this website to inform people on the progress of the project. Click on the button below to navigate to it.