Garden Update

See what we have been doing in the gardens recently –

November 2021

  • Planting tulip bulbs in the Copper Beech garden
  • Putting some of last year’s leaf mould on the borders and putting the rest in sacks for subsequent use
  • Sweeping up fallen leaves in preparation for Light Up Lancaster event (but would have needed doing anyway) .  The leaves from the copper beech tree were put in the leaf mould pen to rot for use in future years.

October 2021

  • Scarifying by hand the wild flower meadow areas in preparation for sowing the yellow rattle seeds
  • Sowing the yellow rattle seeds
  • Clearing the overgrown area in front of the yew hedge by the wall next to the Meeting House
  • Pruning the yew hedge along Meeting House Lane
  • Weeding the borders

September 2021

  • General tidying up in preparation for the Heritage Open Days
  • Erecting an A0 plan of The Tasting Garden
  • Labelling the fruit trees
  • Weeding the borders
  • Weeding the paths

Also Chris Wright has taken some photos of the Storey Gardens in Autumn.  Click on the image below to visit that page.

A carpet of fallen copper beech leaves. Photo by Chris Wright.