Working visit by a team from Natwest

On Friday 6th September 2019 we had a visit by a team from NatWest Commercial Banking.

They came to help and we gave them three specific tasks.

  1. Raking up the cut grass in the wildflower areas so we could plant more yellow rattle seed.  The yellow rattle plant is important in the development of wildflower meadows as in inhibits the growth of grasses but allows other wildflowers to thrive.  Without the yellow rattle the grass would suffocate the wildflowers.  We planted the seeds in the areas cleared by the NatWest team.
  2.  Cutting back the grass encroaching onto the paths.  This made the garden look even smarter ready for our Heritage Open Day on Saturday 14th September
  3. Bagging up compost from our compost bin.

Thanks to the NatWest team for all their help.

  NatWest team with two of the Friends.