Gardening Work during July 2023

This is what we achieved in the Storey Gardens during July 2023:

  • Lancaster Men’s Hub volunteers made a large potting table and storage unit out of a large pallet and pallet wood. This work is ongoing. They also resurfaced on old table for potting and storing plants.
  • Having checked that there were no nesting birds, Lancaster City Council Maintenance team removed shrubs and a huge matted ivy from the wall along the path leading from the Storey to the Copper Beech Garden. The good news was that the ivy had not got into the mortar in the wall.
  • Pruning of the plum trees under the guidance of David Redmore, our gardening consultant.
  • Weeding of the Hollygon area opposite Lancaster Castle.
  • Summer pruning of the apple trees.
  • Harvesting of soft fruits
  • Putting up signs showing whether or not the apples, pears and plums are ripe enough to pick
  • Potting up and labelling plants
  • General weeding

The highlights this month were sightings of the following:

  • Common darter dragonfly
  • Small purple and gold moth in Hollygon
  • Speckled wood butterfly
Plants in flower
India bean treeSea hollyGeranium
HollyhockAngel’s fishing rodEvening primroses