Gardening Work during June 2023

This is what we achieved in the Storey Gardens during June 2023:

  • Talking to visitors, giving them information cards and selling plants.
  • Wall wiring for the espalier apple trees along a section of the Georgian wall in The Tasting Garden with the help of a volunteer from the Lancaster Men’s Hub.
  • General weeding and cutting back plants and shrubs that had flowered. For example clearing the border by the hedge in the Copper Beech garden and cutting back aquilegia and sweet rocket from the borders in The Tasting Garden.
  • Potting up and labelling plants for sale, planting out.
  • Major reorganisation of the plants in pots by the water tanks.
  • Cinnabar moth spotted in the Gardens on the 10 June.
  • Speckled wood, red admiral and small tortoiseshell butterflies seen on 21 June.
  • Harlequin ladybirds at various stages of their life cycle (larva, pupa and adult)
Plants in flower
Genista ‘Lydia’PeoniesAllium
DayliliesSea hollyAnthemis Tinctoria EC Buxton