First two sculptures installed

On Friday 24 March 2023 the Czar plum and Swan’s Egg pear sculptures were installed in The Tasting Garden. What you see in the photos below is a sneak preview. The sculptures will be covered over until the end of April when there will be a small ceremony to unveil them officially.

The installation was in two stages. The first was to install the new plinths. The second was to fix the sculptures to them.

The work was undertaken by a team from Kenneth A Fraser Ltd, monumental sculptors. Alan Ward oversaw the fixing of the sculptures to the plinths.

There were a lot of photos taken by Chris Wright who was on hand to record the action.

The photos have been split into two slideshows. The first shows the instillation on the plinths in The Tasting Garden. The second shows the fixing of the sculptures to the plinths.