Gardening work during December 2022

Working in the Storey Gardens during December was restricted by some very cold weather and the Gardens being closed between Christmas and New Year.  The cold weather also affected the tasks we were able to undertake.

See below what we were able to achieve. 

  • Resumed the task of weeding the paths.  This had been suspended due to other more urgent work.  However we had to stop the weeding when the ground became frozen.  We will resume this work in January
  • Removing ivy in The Tasting Garden.  Most of this work was on the boundary walls and had to be done carefully to avoid pulling out mortar between the stones in the walls.  We also cleared ivy growing over some of the old tree stumps
  • Removed a wineberry plant growing along the back wall of The Tasting Garden.
  • The Lancaster City Council Grounds Maintenance team cut back the yew hedge by Meeting House Lane.  They also cut the hedge in the Copper Beach Garden and trimmed the small box hedges at the top of The Tasting Garden.
  • Weeded the back of the Bee and Butterfly border, removed a briar and planted a white Japanese rose (Rosa rugosa ‘Alba’).
  • Weeded the border by the wall with the Quaker Meeting House.
  • Tidied up the garden at the back of The Storey opposite Lancaster Castle.  Took out creeping thistles, stinging nettles, coltsfoot, wood avens and lesser willow herb.  Also cut back the clematis Montana that was smothering the hydrangeas.
  • Planted more cowslips and some cuttings of fuchsia ‘Hawkshead’.
  • Fixed a smart new sign to the compost bins to show which of the three bins is currently to be filled. The laminated sign was produced for us by the Visitor Information Centre.

See below some photographs taken in the Gardens during December.