Successful funding bid

The Friends of the Storey Gardens (FOSG) have received an award from the Lancaster University Community Benefits Fund towards the recreation of The Tasting Garden. 

The amount received will enable us to purchase two further replacement sandstone plinths for fruit sculptures.  We do not currently have the remaining funds for the sculptures themselves but the cost of producing a sculpture is significantly less than the cost of a plinth.

Once the two new plinths have been purchased and delivered, we will install all four plinths in The Tasting Garden.  After this Alan Ward will engrave the names of all four fruits on the plinths.  Then the two fruit sculptures already created by Alan will be fixed to their plinths.  This will leave four new plinths in the garden, two with sculptures and two without.

The location of the two new plinths has yet to be finalised but one will probably be in the Apple path and the other in the Cherry path.  Thus we will have one new plinth in each of the four paths.

We hope to have all this work completed by the end of spring 2023.

Below is a photo of the Lord Suffield apple tree.  It is a possible location for the plinth in the Apple path.

The area around the Lord Suffield apple tree after weeding. Photo by Ruth Standring-Cox.