Swan’s Egg pear plinth removed

This week Lancaster City Council staff have removed the existing concrete plinth by the Swan’s Egg pear tree. The old plinth for the Czar plum was removed in May 2022. Click here to read that post.

Also, on 27 September 2022 we reported that that Alan Ward has completed both the Swan’s Egg pear and Czar plum sculptures. Click here to read that post.

The next step is to install the new Sandstone plinths alongside these trees in The Tasting Garden. After this, Alan will engrave the names of the fruits on the plinths and the sculptures will then be fitted onto the plinths. We will keep you informed of progress.

There are no photographs of the Swan’s Egg pear plinth being removed. We do, however, have photos of the plinth next to the pear tree prior to removal and the tree again but with the plinth no longer present. There are also photos of the plinth in two pieces at the bottom of the Garden awaiting removal. See the slideshow below.