Gardening work during August 2022

This is what we did in the Storey Gardens during August 2022:

  • Weeding the flower beds and the circles around the fruit trees.  An ongoing task.
  • Clearing the grass and weeds along the edges of the paths in order to show better the shape of the paths.  Another ongoing task.
  • During the dry weather, watering seedlings, vegetables and the plants in pots.
  • Clearing around the soft fruit area and removing some of the old raspberry canes.
  • Moving the Plants for Sale area in the Copper Beech Garden. Click here to view a separate post about this.
  • Clearing brambles from the space between the Meeting House Lane wall and the yew hedge. 
  • Lowering and thinning the holly and wild briars in the old hedge between the yew hedge and the Bee & Butterfly border to let in more light.
  • Assisting the Lancaster City Council staff strim the wildflower areas in The Tasting Garden. Click here to view a separate post about this.
  • Planting out Verbena bonariensis seedlings in the Bee & Butterfly border.
  • Planting out cowslip seedlings in the lower part of the wildflower meadow area.
  • Picking some of the ripe fruit in The Tasting Garden.