Strimming the Wildflower Meadow

On Monday 22 August 2022 the Lancaster City Council Grounds Maintenance team came to strim the wildflower meadow areas in The Tasting Garden.  Some Friends of the Storey Gardens (FOSG) volunteers were also present to help with the raking.

For a successful wildflower meadow it is necessary to cut the grass annually, rake it and remove it. Now the cut grass has been removed, the next task will be for FOSG volunteers to prepare some areas for sowing yellow rattle seeds.

It is the yellow rattle plants that help to create the wildflower areas.  The roots of the yellow rattle are semi-parasitic feeding on the nutrients in the roots of the more vigorous grasses.  This weakens the grass giving more delicate species of wild flowers the opportunity to grow.

So where there was insufficient yellow rattle this year to inhibit the long grass from growing we will scape these areas to almost bare earth before sowing the yellow rattle seeds we harvested during July and August.

Chris Wright was on hand to photograph the action.  The Council staff are in yellow tops and the FOSG volunteers are wearing their green tabards.