Moving the Plants for Sale

A volunteer task over the spring and summer has been moving the Plants for Sale in the Copper Beech Garden. These were located to the left of the steps sitting on the ground and on a stand made by The Bay: A blueprint for recovery.

March 2022. Plant stand made by The Bay: A blueprint for recovery. Photo by Ruth Standring-Cox

The plants needed to be moved to the right of the steps. It was a long process as a large mound of soil and rubble had to be removed first. Once this was complete more tables were required to stand the plants on. Two of our volunteers, Ruth and Clive, constructed three tables out of wooden pallets and old fence posts.

See below a few photographs of the mound being cleared and the tables at the final stages of construction.

After removing some weeds, we positioned all the tables, ensured they were level.  The ground here is tarmac that has become uneven.  We also moved a bamboo plant in a pot into this area to hide part of the wall behind (N.B.  The bamboo is not for sale!).

The final step was to move the plants.  See below some photos of the finished work.  I hope you will agree that the area now looks more attractive.