Gardening work during July 2022

This is what we did in the Storey Gardens during July 2022:

  • We finished removing the mound of soil and rubble in the Copper Beech Garden. This was the mound by the steps coming up from the Storey.
  • Weeding along the edges of the paths in order to show better the shape of the paths.  This is an ongoing task.
  • During the dry weather, watering the fruit and vegetable plants.
  • Harvesting the yellow rattle seeds.  The Bay: A blueprint for recovery helped with this (see photograph below). After Lancaster City Council‘s Grounds Maintenance team has cut the grass during August, we will rake the wild flower areas and sow the seeds ready for next year.
  • Weeding the flower beds.
  • Weeding around the betony plants in the Copper Beech Garden. Click here to view a separate post about this.
  • Training the young espalier apple trees against the Georgian wall in The Tasting Garden along bamboo canes (see photograph below).
  • Pruning the plum and cherry trees. This must be done in July.
  • Summer pruning the apple trees.
  • Further thinning of the apple and pear fruits