Gardening work during February and March 2022

This is what we did in the Storey Gardens during February and March 2022

  • The privet hedge in the Copper Beech Garden has been cut back to a more manageable height and the width reduced so that the snowdrops, ox-eye daisies and betony at the base can flourish
  • Prior to the Yellow Crocus Day event all the green waste by the Meeting House Lane gate into The Tasting Garden was removed by the Council’s Grounds Maintenance team and the gardens cleared of small branches brought down in the storms
  • An area for depositing sacks for removal by the Cleansing Department has been constructed using old pallets
  • Much general weeding has been done round the borders
  • Clumps of snowdrops growing in the grass and behind the hedge in the Copper Beech Garden have been dug out and planted in pots for sale.  Some snowdrops have also been planted in the Copper Beech Garden alongside the path leading to The Tasting Garden
  • The Bay Project staff and clients have removed last year’s growth from plants, done some planting out and made a lovely display table for the “plants for sale”

And here are a few accompanying photos.