Gardening work during January 2022

This is what we did in the Storey Gardens during January 2022

  • Commenced substantial pruning of the privet hedge in the Copper Beech Garden.  More to do in February
  • Pruning of the four pear trees led by David Redmore.  This included getting the Improved Fertility pear tree to stand upright
  • Weeding and mulching around the pear trees after the pruning
  • Prolific growth of ivy at the top of two large sycamore trees could cause the trees to fall in high winds.  Therefore a band of ivy has been cut away from around the trunks so that the ivy higher up will die back
  • Removed ivy from some of the walls in the Copper Beech Garden
  • Yellow tulips planted in front of the repaired wall in the Copper Beech Garden

And here are some photos of the volunteers in action.